Discover our exciting cheerleading programs at various CheerVille locations across Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio. We bring the joy of All-Star Cheerleading, Flips! Tumbling, and more to these communities creating a dynamic and inclusive experience for participants of all ages. Learn how you can become a part of the CheerVille community today!

All-Star Cheerleading

We foster champions through competitive cheerleading at all levels, including Novice, Prep, Elite & Worlds teams.


Flips! Recreational Tumbling

Our tumbling program boosts skills through positive coaching and varied drills. We have different levels for ages 18 months to 18 years.



STUNT is a fast-growing all-girl sport that integrates cheer skills. It is booming in popularity across the United States.


Flyer Training

Flyer classes teach flying technique, group stunting, body control, air awareness, and flexibility for ages 6 and up.


Private Lessons

Private coaching offers one-on-one training to break down cheer and tumbling techniques for an athlete’s skill level.


School Training

We offer cheer training to schools of all sizes. Our resources offer choreography, coaching, and invaluable experience for school teams.